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Student Forms

Student Forms

Please complete each of the Google Forms that are required for each student (both new and returning students) each year. If you have any questions about these forms, please contact

2024 Marching Band Commitment Form Please fill out, scan and send this form to to Evan Allenson, at, or you can turn in the paper copy during a June Sectional.  Only students who turn in the form and pay their initial deposit will be included in the 2024 show.

2024-25 Form A Student Information 

2024-25 Form B Authorization to Treat a Minor

2024-25 Form C Parental Consent for Travel 

2024-25 Form D Instrument Rental Agreement (only if renting an instrument from Mr. A). Please complete one form per instrument if you are renting multiple instruments.

2024-25 Form E Marching Band Uniform Responsibility

2024-25 Form F Concert Uniform Responsibility

2024-25 PE Waiver Form

2024-25 Varsity Letter Application

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