Fundraising Information

Our fundraisers are divided into three categories:

  • Those that earn money for the overall program

    • Scarlet Regiment Marching Band Tag Day​

    • Spring Online Donation Drive

    • Jazz Dinners

    • Restaurant Nights

    • Fees - band fees and rental fees

  • Those that earn money for individual student accounts only

    • currently looking for opportunities​

  • And those that earn money for both student accounts and the overall program

    • Corporate Sponsorship Program​

    • King Soopers Card Program

We also target different audiences with our fundraisers:

  • Neighbors to Heritage High School 

    • Scarlet Regiment Marching Band Tag Day​

  • Businesses​

    • Corporate Sponsorship Program​

  • Family Networks​

    • Spring Online Donation Drive​

  • Families and Heritage Staff​

    • Jazz Dinners​

King Sooper Cards

Please contact Lori Hatanaka at to purchase cards.

More details are here

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