Instrumental Music Foundation

The Heritage High School Instrumental Music Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that supports Mr. Cuthrell and all the instrumental music students.
Our mission is to support the Heritage High School Instrumental Music program by:
  • Providing financial support through various fundraising events.

  • Providing volunteers as needed at any Instrumental Music event.

Officers 2021-2022

President - Debbie Fuchser
VP Hospitality - Theresa Wolinski
Fundraising - Vacant
Treasurer - Kristi Newquist

Coordinators 2021-2022

King Soopers Card Coordinator - Mary Boettcher
Concert Clothing Coordinator - Kristi Newquist
Locker Tag Coordinator - Tadari Ahles
Jazz Dinner Coordinator - Debbie Fuchser/Theresa Wolinski
Secretary - vacant

Foundation Newsletters

Scarlet Regiment Show Coordinators 2021-2022

Logistics Manager - Mr. Cuthrell & Debbie Fuchser
Food Coordinator - Theresa Wolinski, Carrie Billings, Michelle Ayres
Chaperone Coordinator - Debbie Fuchser
Uniform Coordinator - Debbie Fuchser

Foundation Meeting Minutes

Foundation Budget

Foundation By-laws