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New Parents

Students from all walks of life are Band and Orchestra members! Scholars, athletes, artists, and those just looking for a fun class during a hectic day. Heritage Bands are musicians and entertainers, performing for thousands each year!


*How does band fit into my freshman schedule?

Easy! Whether you are planning the basic 9th grade course load or a schedule riddled with Honors and Advanced Placement classes, there is room in your schedule for music.


*Registration Info: Large Ensembles

All 9th grade students are encouraged to audition for the upper level ensembles, as it enables us to find the most accurate fit of ensemble difficulty for you. 9th graders looking to not audition will sign up for Concert Band, Marching Band, or Orchestra and you're set!


*Registration Info: Jazz Bands

You or your teacher should let Mr. Allenson know about your interest in the jazz bands. You can schedule an audition with him.


*Heritage Scarlet Regiment Marching Band:

Marching band is certainly not "required" but participation is STRONGLY encouraged and is the norm for a large percentage of our students. To miss out on marching band is to miss out on a big part of the high school band experience. A new member meeting is held each spring for those interested in finding out more about this truly unique opportunity.


The Marching Band is a group of brass, woodwind, percussion, and color guard students that perform at football games, parades, community events and statewide competitions. While busy and competitive, the emphasis of the group remains on building a strong musical foundation and having fun!

*Can students participate in both marching band and sports/clubs?

Of course! Students from all backgrounds and interests participate in the marching band, and we are very flexible with students who want to participate in multiple activities. As you see potential conflict, please contact Mr. Allenson


*How often does the marching band meet?

Woodwind and brass members meet weekly over the summer to learn the music and get to know each other. The color guard and percussion sections meet regularly over the summer (twice a week) to work on technique and music in addition to extra fun activities. Band camp is two weeks at the end of July beginning of August to learn a majority of our material. Once school starts, we meet three days a week after school. Marching season ends in late October. 


*What type of credit do I earn from marching band participation?

2 PE Credit waivers are available to marching band members who contact the office of instruction.

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