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Logo Colors
Full Color Logo
Acceptable Use

The full 3-color logo is the primary logo and should be used in all instances when possible.

There may be some instances where a single color logo is appropriate, such as using the logo on photography, apparel, spiffs, etc.


Do not use any other colors for the logo.

Single Color Logo
Accent Colors
Acceptable Use

Use accent colors to help draw attention and create visual interest within your designs.

You can lighten the value of the color by adjusting the amount of white added to it (use the Stylus function lighten(color, amount)) or by adjusting the opacity of the color (use the Stylus function rgba(hex, alpha)).


Avoid using too many colors.

Avoid darkening the value of the color by adjusting the amount of black added to it.

Adjusting the Value
Text Colors
Do not use other colors for text.
Background Colors
Other Colors
Gender Colors
Acceptable Use

The male and female gender colors should only be used to represent gender.

Use the Light Gender Colors when on dark backgrounds.

Light Gender Colors
Border Color
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