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Heritage High School Scarlet Regiment

2018 Scarlet Regiment Banquet Video

2018 Scarlet Regiment Banquet Video

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2019-2020 Scarlet Regiment Section Leaders

Pictured left to right: Breana Taylor-Color Guard Rookies, Madeleine Coons-Color Guard Rookies, Autumn Golden-Color Guard Weapons, Caileigh Gillespie-Color Guard Dance, Eden Urban-Color Guard Flags, Josiah Nelson-Contras, Isabelle Fuchser-Baritones, AJ Repinski-Mellophones, Garrett Goemans-Trumpets, Lauren Swartwout-Saxophones, Jonas Shofler-Saxophones, Katie Schultz-Flutes, Ethan Gonzales-Drum Major, Alexa Hudson-Drum Major, Brenna Hudson-Drum Major

2018-19 Scarlet Regiment Section Leaders

Pictured left to right: Heather Torgerson-Color Guard, Autumn Golden-Color Guard, Nick Kelley-Baritones, Alexa Hudson-Trumpets, Leah Vargo-Trumpets, Charlotte Lee-Saxophones, Hannah Fuchser-Mellophones, Jaelyn Cook-Clarinets, Bernadette Langford-Flutes, Connor Hudson-Front Ensemble, Nick Shields-Contras, Brenna Hudson-Asst Drum Major, Juston Robson-Asst Drum Major, Ethan Perry-Drum Major, not pictured - Bradley Willard-Drumline

2018-19 Scarlet Regiment

scarlet regiment 2018-19.jpg

2017-18 Scarlet Regiment

2017 Scarlet Regiment Section Leaders

Pictured left to right: Mr. Cuthrell, Olivia Biggers-Asst. Drum Major, Erin Mortensen-Drum Major, Jaelyn Cook-Clarinets, Owen Haley-Baritones, Sarah Bruner-Tenor Saxes, Hannah Fuchser-Mellophones, Evan Meyers-Trumpets, Charlotte Lee-Alto Saxes, Sophie Lee-Flutes, Ethan Gray-Contras, Juston Robson-Bari Saxes, Connor Hudson-Front Ensemble. Not pictured: Ethan Perry-Asst. Drum Major, Autumn Golden-Color Guard, Bradley Willard-Drumline

What's a Color Guard?

The color guard is a section within the marching band. They provide the finishing touches on the visual presentation of the field show. In the color guard you will learn to spin and toss flags, rifles, and sabers in addition to dancing. Any student of Heritage is welcome to join the color guard.

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