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Frequently Asked Questions

General Concerns

*Do I have to be in a concert band in order to play in a jazz band?

With almost no exception, students in the jazz bands are enrolled in one of the concert bands. The Jazz Bands meet two days a week allowing students to play their instruments all five days each week and be enrolled in two different ensembles. The Jazz Bands focus on learning the only form of music officially recognized as "American"; while the Concert bands focus on developing correct fundamentals on every instrument in order to learn the literature quickly and at a high level of achievement.


*Is playing in the band hard?

Yes, but the students also have a great time while developing their skill, making friends, and playing challenging and rewarding music.


*Do I have to be a good player?

Not yet! All we want is for you to give it your best effort. Students come to Heritage with different levels of performance ability and find a place where they can all be successful.


*Do I have to practice a lot?

No, you GET to practice! The expectation at Heritage is that you practice what you are asked to practice at home so that at each rehearsal, the music gets better. Many students take advantage of private lessons to progress at a faster rate. Private lessons are not required but highly recommended.


*Do I have to audition?

No. Concert Band, Orchestra, and Marching Band are open to any student in the program without an audition. Jazz Bands, Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band do require a placement audition. Auditions are held in April for the following year.


*Can I sign up even if Ive never played an instrument before?

Yes. Sign up for Concert Band, Orchestra, or Marching Band. Seeking lessons over the summer is highly recommended.


*Is being in the band expensive?

Yes and No. Supplemental instruction is the biggest expense. Percussion, marching band drill/music, color guard, and master classes combine for most of what we spend. But, out of pocket expenses can be minimized with participation in fund raising activities. Other costs include transportation, meals, and uniform check-out fees. The groups do travel, so overnight expenses need to be covered as well.


*Who are the Patrons of the Fine Arts?

The Patrons are a caring group of parents and friends who support the instrumental music program by raising money to pay for equipment, instruments, and the marching band staff. This group of dedicated individuals offers support to the students by attending concerts and contests and by running fund raisers, driving equipment trucks and chaperoning field trips. The Patrons group is a great way for parents to meet each other and for parents to get involved in the lives of their students. The Patrons meet monthly. For more information, click here.


*What if I want to play a different instrument?

Awesome! We offer a variety of resources to help you find the right instrument.


*Will I have fun?

Absolutely! We offer something for everybody. We focus on the positive aspects of the performing arts and the inherent joy of making music!!


*When are band auditions?

Auditions for Symphonic Band, chamber orchestra, and the jazz bands are held in the spring.


*How is money raised for the program?

Through the Patrons of Fine Arts, who handle the majority of the fund raising through year-round fund raising operations.

Incoming 9th Graders

8th Grade Information


Students from all walks of life are band members! Scholars, athletes, artists, and those just looking for a fun class during a hectic day. Heritage Bands are musicians and entertainers, performing for thousands each year!


*How does band fit into my freshman schdule?

Easy! Whether you are planning the basic 9th grade course load or a schedule riddled with Honors and Advanced Placement classes, there is room in your schedule for band.


Those highly motivated and organized students and those that still need to develop their time management skill should find time to take a band class! Some students take band as a great break between AP classes and some take band beacuse it keeps them interested in school and away from being another drop-out statistic. Either way, we have what you are looking for!


*Registration Info: Concert Bands

Most 9th graders will not audition for a concert group. Sign up for Concert Band, Marching Band, or Orchestra and you're set!



*Registration Info: Jazz Bands

You or your teacher should let Mr. Cuthrell know about your interest in the jazz bands. You can schedule an audition with him.


*Heritage Scarlet Regiment Marching Band:

Marching band is certainly not "required" but participation is STRONGLY encouraged. To miss out on marching band is to miss out on a big part of the high school band experience. A new member meeting is held each spring for those interested in finding out more about this truly unique opportunity.


The Marching Band is a group of brass, woodwind, percussion, and color guard students that perform at football games, parades, and other community events and also competes in statewide contests. While busy and competitive, the emphasis of the group remains on building a strong musical foundation and have fun!

Marching Band Concerns

*Can students participate in both marching band and sports/clubs?

Of course! Students from all backgrounds and interests participate in the marching band. We certainly encourage all middle school music students to continue playing as part of the Heritage High School Scarlet Regiment!!. If you see a potential conflict, please contact Mr. Cuthrell.


*How often does the marching band meet?

Music is handed out in the spring before the end of school. Woodwind and brass members meet a few times over the summer to learn the music and get to know each other. The color guard and percussion sections meet regularly over the summer (once or twice a week) to work on technique and music in addition to extra fun activities. Band camp is two weeks at the beginning of August to learn the marching style and parade/halftime music. Once school starts, we meet three days a week after school. Marching season ends in late October. During the rest of the year, the bands meet outside the school day only for concerts and specially scheduled events like contests and field trips (3-4 per year).


*What type of credit do I earn from marching band participation?

Currently, students earn one elective credit per marching band season. 2 PE Credit waivers are available to marching band members who contact the office of instruction.


*Doesn't marching band take up all your time?

No. Marching band is more like a sport. Just make sure you dont overbook yourself in the fall; after that the rest of the year is wide open. Anything worth doing is worth doing well! Having a great marching band takes time and work; no hard work goes without its reward. Marching band builds confidence, motivation, musicianship, friendships, commitment and self-esteem - all valuable traits for any college student, athlete, or businessperson.

Questions? Need more info? 

Email Mr.Cuthrell at

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